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Hello, my name is Mark Dulaney and I want to help YOU “Get Better” as a business owner, sales and marketing professional or marketing organization by improving your Attitude, helping you create a comprehensive Game Plan and by getting you to use your Time effectively so you Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act like a top 8% income earner in your industry.

To be clear, I am NOT your typical coach, consultant or motivational speaker; I am a result strategist whose entire focus is helping the people I work with “Get Better” so their performance, results and life “Gets Better!”

I want to start by showing you this
video that explain what makes us different!

Q1- What is the most important and life enhancing SKILL you can learn?
is it marketing, social media, sales, closing or any of the popular training programs
Is it learning how to "Get Better" at what it takes to create the results you want?

Q2- What is the most important strategy you can develop?
An educational strategy to keep learning new stuff until something works for you?
A strategy to "Get Better" at doing what you need to do to get what you want?

Q3- What is the most timely script and technique you can master?
is it prospecting, closing or overcoming objection scripts and techniques?
Is it a script and technique that exposes what you "Suck at" and forces you to "Get Better" at it?

Q4- So why do we spend so much time, money and energy learning sales and marketing skills?
is it because you have absolutely no idea of how to sell and market yourself?
is it because no one ever rejected you while taking a training program?
Is it because you are looking for the "Magic Bullet" skills, strategies and techniques that will make you millions without you having to "Get Better at sales and marketing?

Here is a simple but undeniable fact of life!

No skill, technique, strategy or script will ever work for you; until you become good enough to use it effectively.

That is why you must learn how to "Get Better" more than you need to learn more sales and marketing skills, strategies, techniques and scripts.

By definition, when you "Get Better" you perform better at every sales and marketing skill, strategy, technique and script you have ever learned.

So, if you just want to learn more stuff, there are millions of sales and marketing coaches, consultant and trainers that are willing to take your money and teach you as much stuff as you want to learn.

But, if you want to "Get Better" I am the only Result Strategist that will help you "Get Better" so your ability to to perform every element of sales and marketing "Gets Better!"

When that happens, you will become a top 8% income earner in your industry and your income and life will "Get Better!"

If what you just read makes sense to you,
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All day Wednesday, October 4, 2017
because ...

I invite you to "Get Better" at all aspects of Sales, Marketing and life!

Speakers include:

Joe Morone

Chris LaForest

Brandon King

Karen Benjamin

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I am not for the faint of heart or those looking for a simple and easy way to improve their sales and marketing efforts.

I am for you ONLY if you are willing to “Get Better” so your performance and results “Get Better!”  I will help you “Get Better” by getting you to Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act in the way that makes you the Biggest, “Baddest” and Boldest voice first in your mind and then in the minds and wallets of the people you market to.

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Remember my only purpose,

to help you as a
business owner, marketer or leader

 “ G e t   B e t t e r ! ”

Here is my promise to you:

Once you decide to “Get Better” you are going to be amazed at just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to wonder why you didn’t decide to “Get Better” sooner!

Mark Dulaney