Where YOU Get Better, so YOUR Results Get Better!

Welcome, my name is Mark A. Dulaney!

I am passionate about helping business owners and marketers “Get Better” results.  After 30 years of study and a decade of conducting workshops, masterminds, and private coaching sessions, I have discovered the only guaranteed strategy to improve your business and marketing results.  While all marketing strategies work for some people some of the time; this strategy will work for everyone every time and it will work for you!

The only guaranteed strategy to improve your marketing results is for you to “Get Better” as a marketer.  When you “Get Better,” your marketing performance “Gets Better.”  When your performance “Gets Better,” your results “Get Better” and that will allow your entire life will “Get Better!”

Contrast you "Getting Better" with learning a new marketing strategy, a strategy that "allegedly" helped other marketers become successful.  Just because it "allegedly" worked for someone else, doesn't meant it will work for anyone else, let alone you or I.  Additionally, just because it "allegedly" worked two, five, and definitely ten years ago, doesn't mean it will work for anyone today.

Every strategy, except the "Getting Better" strategy, is subject to timing, personality, and the sales abilities of the person executing the strategy.  No strategy will ever produce the same high level of results for you as it "allegedly" produced for the person or company training on that strategy.  Think about this, except for the "Getting Better" strategy, every marketing strategy's effectiveness is diluted every time it is taught because as more marketers use it, more buyers become aware of and immune to it.

But, when you "Get Better," you are more capable of boldly, consistently, and effectively executing every marketing and sales strategy you have ever learned and will learn.  That is why the "Getting Better" Strategy is the only strategy guaranteed to improve your marketing results.

Besides, what could be better than "Getting Better" in every area of life?!

The “Getting Better” strategy simply consists of improving the way you Think about yourself and marketing and the way you Make Decisions about marketing and marketing activities.  When you improve the way you Think and Make Decisions:

  • You improve the way you WALK into every room you enter
  • You improve the way you TALK about your products and services
  • You become willing to ASK for exactly what and how much you want
  • You more boldly and powerfully ACT during every step of marketing

And that, by definition, means your performance "Gets Better!"!

When your performance “Gets Better,” your results “Get Better!”

When your results “Get Better,” every area of your life “Gets Better!”


And a better life is why you started your business / marketing career!

I hope you realize that nothing will improve your results and life as much as improving the way you Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk, and Act. 

Here is a fact you can't deny, you are the only consistent element in every result you get.  You can change the strategy, techniques, and scripts, but you are and will always be the one performing those strategies, techniques, and scripts.  That is why “Getting Better” is the only guaranteed strategy to improve your results and your life.

This is so important to me that I took everything I learned from all those interactions and created a workshop called…

Doing What it Takes to Obtain the Clients You Want!

What does it mean to
Become a "Client Factory"?

To become a "Client Factory" means that you wake up every day and you boldly, consistently, and effectively execute the marketing strategy you know.  It means no excuses and no more waiting for better time to market.

More importantly, it means you think, make decisions, walk,talk, and act like you are the Biggest, "Baddest" and Boldest Marketing Phenom in your industry or area of expertise.

Most importantly, it means you wake up every day and you go out and seek people to market to, you engage them in conversation, you present your value, and then you ask for exactly how much you want and how much you know you are worth.

Here is what this workshop will do for you!

The “Becoming A Client Factory” workshop is for you if you want and need “Better” marketing results.  To put it simply, this workshop will provide the ONLY true and lasting solution to the reasons you struggle to market effectively, build the business you want, make the money you deserve, and create the life you want to live!

This workshop is literally and figuratively all about you, it is NOT a business, marketing, productivity, goal setting or sales workshop.  It is a workshop where you will learn to “Get Better” in these four ways:

  • You will “Get Better” MENTALLY so you become the Biggest, “Baddest”, and Boldest Marketing Phenom in YOUR OWN MIND so you always create fuel that compels you to take bold and powerful action, instead of excuses for inaction
  • You will “Get Better” PHYSICALLY so you boldly, consistently, and effectively walk, talk, and act in a way that gets attention, creates interest, demonstrates your ability to get results, and compels action. This will allow you to become the Biggest, “Baddest”, and Boldest Marketing Phenom in the minds of the people you market to so they buy from you, pay your price, and pay you more often
  • You will “Get Better” EMOTIONALLY so you stay strong and focused on your success during the roller coaster ups and downs of business ownership and marketing.
  • You will “Get Better” TECHNICALLY so you become as good at marketing as you are at your products and services.

How much better would perform as a marketer and what results could you create if you woke up every morning just a little bit Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Technically better than you were the day before?

Instead of the “Getting Better” marketing strategy, most people focus on learning new marketing strategies and techniques that have “allegedly” helped others create success.  This is looking for a solution outside of yourself; while the REAL PROBLEM and the only true and lasting solutions lies within YOU!

You can attend this workshop this Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from noon to 5:00 p.m.  If you make the decision to attend, you will either confirm that what you are doing is working for you or you will see a better path to get what you want.  Either way you win.

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In general, I provide a wealth of thought provoking and challenging marketing strategies in my marketing workshops.  But, not this one, this workshop will focus on you and the specific reasons you are not performing well enough to get the marketing results that create the income, business, and freedom you started your business to create.

This workshop is unique because it will expose the habits of your Heart and Mind.  The very habits that create the choices you make, the words that come out of your mouth, the actions that you take, as well as the quality and quantity of those choices, words, and actions.

I need you to understand that the choices, words, and actions you take as well as the choices you failed to make, words you failed to say and the actions you failed to take, have created the business, income, and life you have today.

If you accept this, doesn’t it make sense that if you want to create a better life tomorrow, instead of focusing on choices, words, and actions through yet another marketing strategy, you would do better to change the habits of your Heart and Mind so your Heart and Mind changes your choices, words, and actions?

What I am saying is

Take this workshop, it will change your life, I guarantee it!

Let me help you get better so your results will get better!

Is there is a gap between the clients, income, and results you want and the clients, income, and results you have received to this point?  If so, I can help you identify, explain, and show you how to eliminate the real reason for the gap.  The fact is, as soon as you eliminate the real reasons for the gap, your clients, income, and results will dramatically improve.

Sadly, most people focus on factors outside of themselves, when the biggest variable and most consistent and important element of YOUR clients, income, and results is YOU!

Well, here is my offer and I hope you don't refuse it.


  1. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 workshop from Noon to 5:00 p.m.
  2. Location- to be provided upon registration
  3. There is a limit of 25 participants because of the size of the room.

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Registration Opens April 1st

Still not sure of my ability to help you?


Here are some

Success Stories!

Here is how becoming a "Client Factory" has helped me!

By building and becoming a “Client Factory,” I have been able to multiply my average sale by 10 and my average client value by over 60 during the last 15 months.  Before I built and became a "Client Factory," I had an average sale of $50 and my average client purchased from me 1.25 times.  That means that each client was worth an average of $62.50.

This is because I spent all of my time in front of my computer hoping the phone would ring.  I was also afraid to ask for my full value and I would accept whatever financial scraps potential clients offered me.

As a result of becoming a client factory, my clients pay me an average of $542.44 per month and stay with me for an average of 7.6 months and both numbers rise every month.  That means that my average client is now worth $3,985.74.  That is an increase of well over 500 percent in just 15 months.

I worked just as hard and just as many hours getting $62.00 clients
as I do today to get $4,000.00 clients!   

Here is how Becoming a "Client Factory" has helped others!

What I find even better than my success is the success my clients are having.  I define a client as someone I work with on a one-on-one basis.   I teach my clients how to become a walking, talking, and acting "Client Factory," so they can better use the concept, scripts, and elements when they build their "Client Factory."

The result is, they are all seeing increases in their performance and their income. The reason they stick with me for so long is because I help them earn much more in income than I cost them.

Specifically, one of my clients has grown so much they have had to hire a sales director for a specific product to maximize the marketing effort I helped them start.  Another has changed their approach from selling on a daily basis to using their "Client Factory" to attract and get referrals so their clients come to them.  Another client is executing his plan to expand from a solo office to having offices around the state.

Thus, my final question for you is,

"What will your very own "Client Factory" do for you?"

My final bit of proof that I can help you make more money!

Below, a lot of really good people say a lot of really good things about me and how I have helped them become more consistent, effective, massive, and powerful marketers.

Well, that is all I can present to show the value of this event.

On this page, I have shown you:

  1. The only guaranteed formula to improve your results
  2. Explained how your heart and mind must change, then your choices, words, and actions, then your results, and then your life will change
  3. the concept and benefit of Becoming A "Client Factory" and how it has significantly grown the businesses of my clients
  4. Testimonials from people I have helped, all of them within the last 12 months

NOW you must decide!


  1. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 workshop from Noon to 5:00 p.m.
  2. Location- to be provided upon registration
  3. There is a limit of 25 participants because of the size of the room.

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Registration Opens April 1st