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I am passionate about helping you as a parent to raise your children to “Get Better” results by equipping them to create the life they truly want to live.  After 30 years of studying the worlds most successful people and a decade of conducting workshops, masterminds, and private coaching sessions, I have discovered the only guaranteed strategy to help you instill in your children the capabilities that will allow them to create the life they want to live.  While all parenting strategies work for some parents some of the time; this strategy will work for all parents and it will work for you!

The proven best strategy to raise children who become successful adults

Hello moms and dads, today I am going to share with you the only strategy that is guaranteed to give you the tools to give your children a personal, professional, and success advantage over all other children.  With these advantages, your children will have the mental and physical abilities to create the life they truly want to live.

While every parenting strategy works for some parents some of the time; this parenting strategy will work for every parent every time it is effectively executed.

Part one of the only strategy that is guaranteed to help you help your child become an extremely successful adult is for you to learn, understand, and teach this principle; “Nothing will get better until I get better!”  If you could get your children to live this principle, you would give them an advantage over everyone who believes their success is based on outside factors.

Then, part two of the only guaranteed strategy to help your child become an extremely successful adult is to teach him or her how to get better every day so his or her life gets better every day.

I believe most parents and society is asking the wrong question.  We ask what is wrong with kids today, as if there is something wrong with all kids.  The question you should ask is, “What is right about those who are successful and how can we become more successful?”

I have been asking this question for over 30 years and I would like to teach you what I learned about the world’s most successful people so you can teach it to your children so they can create the life they want to live.

Here is one of the major findings from over 30 years of study that explains the difference between the top five percent and the rest of the population.  The difference can be explained by examining the lives of zebras, lions, and people.

Here are the basic characteristics of being a zebra:

  1. They settle for what the land provides
  2. They live within the limitations of being a zebra
  3. Their purpose in life is to survive what life throws at them on a daily basis
  4. They believe there is safety in numbers (meaning, their chances of getting eaten by the lions are reduces because there are so many zebras)
  5. They create more zebras.

Here are the basic characteristics of being a lion:


  1. They create and follow plans to get what they want
  2. They go out and get what they want
  3. They believe in teamwork (meaning they work as a team to catch zebras)
  4. They produce more lions
  5. They are known as the King of the beasts

Here are the two primary characteristics that define a person:


  1. As children, we are raised to become a lion or we are raised to become a zebra
  2. As adults, we get to choose whether we want to live as a zebra or a lion
  3. The majority of adults chooses to live as zebras while both longing to live as and scorn lions

Now, I want you to think about the people you know, your family members, and the people you work with and tell me how do most people choose to live?  Do the people you know live as zebras or lions (consult characteristics above)?

Do most people you know and work with:

  1. Settle for and complain about what the economy provides or do they make plans to improve their careers, incomes, and finances?
  2. Live well within their self-imposed limitations or do they work daily to make themselves better?
  3. Spend their time and energy trying to survive tough times of do they keep their focus on the success they desire
  4. Raise and produce more zebras or do they raise and produce more lions?

While we all have a choice, most of us choose to live as zebras.  Not because we want to, but because that is the way we were raised and we don’t know how to live as a lion.

As a parent, I have two questions for you.  What life have you chosen to live? And, which do you want for your children?

Moms and dads, they say you can't change a zebra’s stripes, so I say let’s remove them and replace it with fur.

That is why I created a workshop called

Raising the Next Generation of Queens and Kings!

To state it as simply as possible, this workshop will equip you to equip your children to create the life they truly want to live!

This workshop will help you prepare your children in three specific ways:

  1. It will create great habits of heart and mind so they believe in their potential and overcome every limitation
  2. It will give them mental, physical, emotional, and technical capabilities to go out and get what they want to create the life they want to live
  3. It will get them to think, make decisions, walk, talk, and act like the world’s most successful people as teenagers, in college, and as an adults

Here is what you will learn to prepare them for a lifetime of success:

  1. “The Path”- contrary to popular opinion, while the constitution grants us all equal rights, we are not all equal at birth. Genetics and other factors give a few a true and lasting advantages over the masses, consider Lebron James' athleticism as an example.  “The Path” shows us three things we can do to overcome our birth limitations and enhance our birth advantages.  Through “The Path” everyone can find their path to true and lasting success.
  2. The “From Worst to First” improvement system is a four-step process that you can use to teach your children how to get better at any skill, talent, action or behavior that limits his or her success.
  3. “The Talent Optimization Process” is a specific step-by-step process that everyone must grow through in order become a top performer in any area of life.
  4. “Principles Over Situations” is an excellent way to help your children understand the consequences of peer pressure, lapses in judgement, and believing that there is a good time or situation to do a bad or destructive thing.
  5. “The Voice in our head”- we all have one and either we control it or it controls us. When it controls us, we toil and struggle and live like a zebra.  When we control it, we take bold and powerful actions and live like a lion.

When you instill these tools into your children, they become capable of fulfilling their purpose and realizing all of their potential.

It is widely believed that the children of wealthy parents have an advantage over other children and quite frankly they do.  But, only good wealthy parents teach their children how to duplicate their success, most wealthy parents just hope their success rubs off.

I am saying it is not the wealth that is the advantage, it is the wisdom of knowing how to and teaching their children how to create success that is the advantage.

Don’t believe me, consider Venus and Serena Williams.  Their parents were not wealthy, but they taught them how to use their talent and athleticism to become extremely successful in life and business.  I believe with all my heart that you can do the same things with the right tool to work with.

If everything I have said makes sense, I invite you to join me on February 25, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for this edition of the "Lions Factory” workshop.

Please join me and learn the five tools that will give your children an advantage over the children of the parents who sleep in that morning.

I want to be very clear on something!

This is not a parenting workshop.  I will never tell you how to raise, love, or discipline your children.  This workshop focuses on teaching you how to prepare your children mentally, physically, emotionally, and technically to create the career or business, relationship and family, health and fitness, and the life we all want our children to create.

This workshop is unique because it will explains the habits of Heart and Mind.  The very habits that create the choices we make, the words that come out of our mouths, the actions that we take, as well as the quality and quantity of those choices, words, and actions.

I need you to understand that the choices, words, and actions an adult takes as well as the choices we fail to make, words we fail to say and the actions we fail to take, will create the life you and your children will live in the future.

If you accept this, doesn’t it make sense that if you want to help you children create a better life, instead of focusing exclusively on being good, education, and on working hard, you would do better to focus on their habits of Heart and Mind so their Heart and Mind maximize their hard work, education, and being a good person?

What I am saying is

Take this workshop, it will change your future for generations, I guarantee it!

Well, here is my offer and I hope you don't refuse it.


  1. Saturday, February 25, 2017 workshop from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  2. Location- provided upon registration
  3. FREE to all caring parents, Registration required to get location!

There is a limit of 25 participants!

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Still not sure of my ability to help you?


Here are some

Success Stories!

Here is how my transition from zebra to lion has helped me!

I love my parents, but I must honestly tell you they raised me to be a zebra!  No, no parent wants to, intends to, or is happy to raise a zebra!

My parents focused on teaching me three things; be a good person, get an education, and work hard.  These three things guaranteed me a lifetime of working long and hard so someone else would get rich, that I would make just enough money to live better than most but never enough, and I would  treat people with respect.

The problem is, that is the very definition of being a zebra.  For most of my life I lived within my limitation, in the safety of a big corporation, with no plan to do better, and I believed that the "Good Life" was for others.

In 2005, I decided no more and I quit the corporation and set out on my own.  I failed miserably because I was a zebra trying to be a lion.  On Mother's day of 2015, I woke up at my mother's house.  Not because I wanted to spend Mother's Day with her, but because my wife kicked me out because my business was sucking the life out of our finances and marriage.

Fortunately, I am stubborn as hell and kept moving forward.  Then, I met a lion who told me a few simple things and as a result here is what happened to me.

I was able to add zeros to my annual income and get paid as much as $288.88 per hour for my time over the last 18 months.

Here is my story.

Before I became a lion, I had an average sale of $50 and my average client purchased from me 1.25 times.  That means that each client was worth an average of $62.50.  This is because I would accept whatever financial scraps potential clients offered me.

Today, my clients pay me an average of $542.44 per month and stay with me for an average of 7.6 months and both numbers rise every month.  That means that my average client is now worth $3,985.74.  That is an increase of well over 500 percent in just 18 months.

I have also helped others become lions!

What I find even better than my success is the success I am helping others create.  In addition to teaching my clients strategy, I also teach them to become lions and they are all seeing increases in their performance and their income. The reason they stick with me for so long is because I help them earn much more in income than I cost them.

Specifically, one of my clients has grown so much they have had to hire a sales director for a specific product to maximize the marketing effort I helped them start and they believe they will sell an additional million dollars worth of that product in the next 12 months.  Another has changed their approach from passively waiting for customers to come to them to boldly attracting new clients and asking for referrals.  Another client has made a plan and is going after expansion from a solo office to having offices around the state.

Thus, my final question for you is,

"Would you like to save your children from waking up at your house because they failed in their career or business?"

My final bit of proof that I can help you make more money!

Below, a lot of really good people say a lot of really good things about me and how I have helped them become more consistent, effective, massive, and powerful marketers.

Well, that is all I can present to show the value of this event.

On this page, I have shown you:

  1. The concept of a "Lions Factory" and how it will help you for generations
  2. How becoming a "Lion" has multiplied my business and life
  3. How becoming a "Lion" has significantly grown the businesses of my clients
  4. Testimonials from people I have helped, all of them within the last 12 months

NOW you must decide!


  1. Saturday, February 25, 2017 workshop from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  2. Location- provided upon registration
  3. FREE to all caring parents, Registration required to get location!

There is a limit of 25 participants!

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