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As you read earlier, I created ChampionsYOUniversity.com to be a place where people who want to "Get Better" can learn how to “Get Better.”

Over time, I came to realize that “Getting Better” can make you very lonely because most people just want to “FEEL” better and think the whole concept of "Getting Better" is not normal.

That is why so many smoke, drink, eat to excess, do drugs and all sorts of things that actually cost them time, money, energy, health, and their very success and well-being.

That is why I created a community where people who are striving to “Get Better” can belong and associate with others who want to “Get Better!”

To understand why this community is different you must understand the difference between the top five percent of income earners, wealth creators, and top performing marketers and the rest of the population.

I will explain the difference between these two groups by examining the lives of zebras, lions, and people.

Here are the basic characteristics of being a zebra:

  1. They settle for what the land provides
  2. They live within the limitations of being a zebra
  3. Their purpose in life is to survive to live another day
  4. They believe there is safety in numbers (meaning, predators can only catch one out of hundreds)
  5. They create more zebras.

Here are the basic characteristics of being a lion:


  1. They create and follow plans to get what they want
  2. They go out and get what they want
  3. They believe in teamwork (meaning they work as a team to catch zebras)
  4. They produce more lions
  5. They are known as the King of the beasts

Here are the two primary characteristics that define a person:


  1. We get to choose whether we want to live as a zebra or a lion
  2. The overwhelming majority of adults chooses to live as zebras

Yet, while most people long to live as a lion, they fear and scorn those who live as lions

Now, I want you to think about the people you know, your family members, and the people you work with and tell me how do most people choose to live?  Do the people you know live as zebras or lions (consult characteristics above)?

Do most people you know and work with:

  1. Settle for and complain about what life and the economy provides or do they make plans to improve their careers, incomes, finances, relationships, and physical bodies?
  2. Live well within their self-imposed limitations or do they work daily to make themselves better?
  3. Spend their time and energy trying to survive to pay the bills another month and hang on their job or business for another month or do they work to pay off their bills, create wealth, and advance in their job or business?
  4. Raise and produce more zebras or do they raise and produce more lions?

While we, unlike zebras, have a choice, most of us still choose to live as zebras.  Not because we want to, but because that is the way we were raised and we don’t know how to live as a lion.

As a business owner or marketing professional, I have a question for you.  What marketing and business life would your income and business demonstrate you have chosen to live?

They say you can't change a zebra’s stripes, so I say let’s remove the stripes and replace them with fur (Boldness), claws (consistency), and teeth (effectiveness)!

That is why I created a membership program called...

A Community where people who want to "Get Better" can BELONG!

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